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Water Is The Operating System Of Life

Water is a supercomputer.
It literally has the capability of READING the information from a seed and unpacking it into its life form.

Water runs every single cell in your body and is responsible for 99% of chemical interactions

Water Is The Basis Of Immunity

Water is how every single nutrient gets INTO your cells, and how every toxin gets OUT of your cells. (Sweat, Urine, Bile etc.)


75% of people in North America are Dehydrated, and the water that they DO drink is oxidative, acidic and polluted making



= Life


= Death

Ever seen a raisin? That was ONCE a grape. In humans, this is called AGING and WRINKLING. The body of a newborn is 75% water and at death its around 55%. The trick to long life?


A 1-2% loss of water in the body can result in a 30% decrease in mental capacity and performance.

AND all of those liquids you think you are drinking to replace water? They dont. Sodas, Coffees, Teas and Sports Drinks have a net dehydrating effect on the body. Even that Gatordade you think is so amazing is actually highly acidic.

Toxicity In Current Water Supply (Tap + Bottle)

40% of all bottled water comes from the same place as your tap.

Given that fact, you’d at least think that the water would be further treated and filtered… right?

Wrong, federal standards do not apply to water bottled and sold within the same state.

On top of that, 93% of tested water bottles contained some sort of plastic microparticles, an average of 10.4 plastic particles per litre of water in fact.

Yay. You pay more for tap water than gas for the luxury of drinking micro-plastics.

Tap water is just as dangerous.
And MOST of the world renowned dieticians have known this information

Acidification = Death

We discovered that when our body becomes ACIDIC it leads to conditions in the body that promote oxidation, inflammation and cell stress.

All of which lead to most diseases we experience in the body and reduces our immune systems capacity to function.
Dr. Rober C. Atkins,
Physician, Cardiologist

Founder of Atkins Diet

Every Condition

Associated with acidity.

Just about every condition I can think of, from arthritis to diabetes to cancer, is associated with acidity. It is no coincidence that many of our modern habits such as alcohol consumption, smoking, eating sugar, and stress, all tend to increase acidity. The only parts of our body that are supposed to be acidic are the conetnts of the stomach, the skin, and perspiration. Virtually everything else is supposed to be at least slightly alkaline.
Dr. William Howard Hay Physician, Cardiologist
Founder Of The Famous HAY Diet.


All disease is caused by auto-toxification (self-poisoning) due to acid accumulation in the body.

Now we depart from health in just the proportion to which we have allowed our alkalies to be dissipated by introduction of acid forming food in too great amount… It may seem strange to say that all disease is the same thing, no matter what its myriad modes of expression , but it is verily so.

It was said earlier that all we can do for disease is to stop creating this background of acid end-products of digestion and metabolism, and this is true, for if disease comes always and only from this acid collection, then it must be evident to.

The Path to Life

You’ve just learned how the water you’re drinking is slowly poisoning you, and how the health care system in North America doesn’t train its doctors to solve dis-ease with nutrition and natural medicines.

You’ve learned the difference between unnatural chemical ridden tap water and microplastic filled bottled water and how natural water that is filled with minerals, antioxidants , molecular hydrogen, and energy from the Ayana Vitality machine will actually hydrate you and transform your health.

You’ve learned what happens when you add chemical-ridden, acidic, micro-plastic rich water into your body, and the links to dis-ease and pain in the body.

You’ve learned why chronic acidosis = death and leads to the harsh immune system deficiencies we have in our modern bodies and diets


We’ve covered the power of alkaline, anti-oxidant, hydrogen rich water that transforms your health, and adds years onto your life while saving you money from those medications, doctor visits and other avoidable costs.

We’ve gone over how chronic dehydration is the root cause of most dis-ease on this planet,

Now the question is,
what are we going to do about it?

Presenting the World’s Leading Water Ionizer

Its sleek and modern design is a result of 25 years of research and patented Active Ionic Discs. VITALITY takes ordinary tap water of any quality and transforms it into Ayana Water: a hydrogen rich, alkaline, energized, healing elixir of life!

WHY drink this water?

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Weight Loss Flushes Acid Forming Fats
  • Anti-Aging Heals and Balances Skin & DNA
  • Alkalize Reverse Acidic Conditions
  • Heal Powerful Anti Oxidant
  • Perform Boosts Athletic Performance
  • No More Fatigue Increases Energy Levels
  • Improved Focus 30-50% More Mental Activity
  • Happiness Stabilizes Mood and Increases Oxytocin Levels
  • Digest Balances Digestive Disorders & Acidity Levels
  • Cleanse Removes Pesticides from Fruits & Veggies

Over 500 Peer-reviewed Articles Appearing in all of These Leading Journals. Hydrogen has very therapeutic potential in virtually every organ and in 150 different human disease models.

Changing your health and well being is as simple as changing your water.

Eye & Ear

H2 Review articles
H2 from bacteria
H2 Review article

Lung & other organs
Metabolic Syndrome

Pain and others
Sepsis, gastritis,
Skin and Radiation
Spine & Pancreas

Drinking 1.5L Hydrogen Rich Water is equivalent to the intake of fruits and vegetables.

756 L or more

516 L or more

38 L or more

3.7 L or more

Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced healing with this water; Why? Because water is the foundation for ALL life. 99% of all chemical interactions in your body occur through water, so if the quality of the water is optimized, the quality of EVERY SINGLE living function in the body improves.


The Ayana Vitality Water Ionizer has the capacity to produce the type of water your cells need. One of the best investments towards good health you can make for no effort. PLUS the benefits of the Vitality extend far beyond hydration.
  • You can use this water for producing disinfectant so you can wash ALL your vegetables, meats, countertops, handles and NEVER have to buy chemical detergents
  • You can use the ‘beauty’ water on your SKIN and heal eczema, skin conditions, acne and more
  • You can use this water to cook, and have incredibly tasty meals with this water
  • You can use this water to remove all pesticides off fruits and vegetables

Most of us had NO idea we could do all of this with just WATER. This is why we believe that this unit will become the most important common household appliance in a time like we are living in.


You’ve seen video demonstrations on how the Vitality works. Now hear stories from people who have used it and the impact of this water on their bodies.
Ayana Vitality Testimonial Craig: Ayana Water
Ayana Vitality Testimonial Joel
Ayana Vitality Testimonial Amanda
Ayan Varunizer Testimonial
Apa- Water and Subtle Energy
Tammey Varunizer

Globally, We can have in-house financing as low as $39 a week




Per Week

Imagine your water tastes better, gives you more energy, is antioxidative, reduces inflammation and revitalizes you!

Now it can! People all over the world have transformed their health. Join them now!

With our 30 day money-back guarantee it’s risk-free for you to try!
With the Ayana Vitality, you’ll never need to buy bottled water again.

You’ll never need to buy sanitizer and disinfectant again, and if used correctly, it should add YEARS to your life and prevent disease in the body stemming from acidity and dehydration.

There is virtually no way to quantify that, you’ll just reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

Global Warranty

Warranty valid worldwide including hard water areas

Low Maintenance!

Automatic cleaning function, daily cleaning not required

Affordable Financing

Qualify for financing today for as low as $39 per week*

Plus we Are certified worldwide with a 10 year warranty!

The Ayana Vitality has the best certificates worldwide for its unit. We are ISO:9001:2008 certified; the highest global standard for manufacturing. We are UL certified for USA and CE certified for Europe.

We have the prestigious NSF certification for Water Quality, and have been given the THUMBS UP for medical usage. The second largest hospital in Thailand uses the Vitality, among many health clinics worldwide.

The Ayana Vitality is Certified Worldwide, and is used in hospitals, clinics and homes around the world

And That’s All Guaranteed!

We offer a GLOBAL Warranty, so you can feel confident purchasing no matter where you are in the world. If anything goes wrong, we will arrange to pick up the unit from your doorstep, take it to our nearest facility, repair or replace it, and return it to you.

More Testimonials

Thomas Gaines

I am SO glad that I bought a Ayana Vitality Water Ionizer with double the warranty. I know this seems like a standard testimonial story in today’s world. I attended an Enagic Home Demonstration with a friend that introduced me to the benefits of alkaline ionized water. I was taken aback by the results, of people experiencing healing qualities from Ionized water. I did buy on the spot, without doing any research, on the Enagic Kangen SD501 machine, what a disappointment. That was the biggest mistake I made to date. Because today we have the INTERNET which I neglected to use, big mistake on my part. But I realize now that thinking this was the best machine on the market… I was very wrong. What I did discover was the AYANA VITALITY WATER IONIZER. I discovered that there was a unit Superior than the most expensive unit that Enagic Kangen sells, at half the price! I just wanted my family to enjoy the health benefits by drinking this water, help myself heal, and share this healing with others! I called the staff at Ayana, they were amazing, and assured me that I could try the water for 30 days until I decided that I absolutely liked it. Now, that I have tried the Kangen Water previously for 30 days so I would KNOW if the water was not the same. I ordered a AYANA VITALITY machine, got it one in a week and a half later, hooked it up. The first week my family and I drank more water than we drank in the entire month previous. My families energy levels have increased WAY beyond what I thought was NORMAL before, and I have even lost weight!

My wife and kids feel great, one of their eczema conditions has disappeared, and I feel happy each day to know that my family is getting the best in ionized water quality, and not drinking toxins. I am grateful to Genevieve at AYANA VITALITY for taking the time to explain the total Ayana vitality water package benefits to me. I sold the old SD501 EnagicKangen machine for $2000.00. I consider myself lucky to have sold the ENAGIC KANGEN machine so I could purchase the AYANA VITALITY machine which in my books is a superior device with double the warranty for $2000+ savings. If you are still thinking about buying, think again.

$2200 is a small sum for a lifetime of healing and disease prevention.

Ayana, you changed our lives… Thank You

In Gratitude

Thomas Gaines
Kyle Buckley

United States

I LOVE MY AYANA VITALITY!!!! Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever been happier with an investment that I’ve made in my health and well-being than I am with the Vitality… plus the water just tastes so good! I came up to Portland, OR for the month and brought it with me and hooked it up at the house I was staying at, and all my friends here in the house fell in love with it, too. Now that I’m about to leave, they’re realizing that they have to get one!

I am feeling the healing benefits already… keep it up Ayana Water

Richard M. Weaving

I first found out about Ayana Vitality by researching over the Internet. I’m glad I did because at the time the only way to obtain a similar system was to buy from a MLM company at a much higher dollar amount, plus your system had better plates. Here in Florida the water is not good and when drinking from the tap a feeling of sluggishness would result. With Ayana Vitality I noticed a burst of energy. Also, I had researched that with a filtered water system like Ayana Vitality that ones intestinal tract would become cleaner and healthier resulting in better overall health. My experience is that the Ayana Vitality makes my energy and health at a level that it should be.. i am back 🙂

I always recommend this to everyone I can because I know from experience that what Ayana Vitality does to the water we ingest.. it simply makes life healthier and better all around.

Richard M. Weaving
Orlando, FL U.S.A.

Bernadine Jacobs

Dad’s Bone Cancer Is Not Spreading” Ayana Water- I found out about a machine like your at a trade show and they wanted over $4000 for one, so i googled to see if there were others like it and i found yours for half the price. Not only was it half the price, but it seemed to have a lot of benefits, like not calcifying in hard water, longer warranty and more.

Now that i am using it, i would recommend this machine to anyone. We then ordered one for my parents, and something amazing has happened; my dad has bone cancer and its not spreading! Thank You Ayana Water Team..

Ask How to Save $500 TODAY

Financing Available

Membrane-less Design

NO Membrane means NO bacteria hazards & NO Calcification problems. This unique design promotes effective cleaning and maintenance of the two electrolytic surfaces, ensuring best performance at all time.

Universal AC Voltage: 100 -240V/ 50-60Hz

The Vitality is the only water ionizer with worry free “plug and use” voltage features. Just like your smart phonve and notebook, all you need is a local plug adaptor, wherever and whenever you need to use it.

Balanced Electrolytic Surfaces Setting

The balanced level design forms Top & Bottom surfaces (Heaven and Earth analogy). The light weight Hydrogen Ions will rise to the top, giving H-rich ionic alkaline drinking water while the “heavier” water forms the bottom draining “Acidic Oxidative Astringent Water” This design also provides constant pH value without waste water.

Natural Separation of Ions Flow

The formation of the ultra thin layer creates a natural liquid ionic membrane resulting in a perfect segregation of ions moving in opposite directions yet in an orderly manner, without mixing.This gives rich Hydrogen water of 1037 ppm with Ph 10 water.

Germicidal Effects

The membrane-less design allows strong, efficient electrolytic current flow between the micro gap, instantly killing all water-borne micro-organisms.

Energy Saving

For longer Disc life with consistent water quality. The Vitality’s Disc Technology uses only 80W (max) compared with 230-280W used by conventional plates. High energy usage may cause overheating in conventional water ionizers.


Patented active ionic discs – 1/5th power Consumption.


No membrane.
No cleaning. No calcification.


Consistently produces
Molecular Hydrogen Water H2.


SMPS power supply
increases longevity of machine.


Direct sales company.
no commissions.


PH can be adjusted by .1
increments safer for the
body chemistry.


Use own sea salt to get strong acid water. no chemicals, low cost.


Ayana has a 10 year
warranty that has no
exclusions for hard water!

Here is what you get with Ayana Vitality

The Active Ionic Disc Technology

(No Calcification or Self Cleaning)

Non MLM Business Model

(Saving over $2300)

Active Hydrogen & Oxygen.

0.5 Micron Filteration.

Micro Adjustable pH 2.5 - pH 11.5.

Self-Adjusting Power System.

600 to 700mv ORP Range.

10 Years Warranty.

Ask How to Save $500 TODAY

Financing Available

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